5 Things To Do For a Veteran!

Hi guys! I hope you all are warm and cozy, maybe huddled up with a warm drink and a blanket, enjoying your Saturday morning. But hey, guess what! It’s time to get up and get active because today is Veterans’ Day! Today is the day to go to a veteran and do something special for them! Stuck getting ideas on what exactly to do? That’s why I got this list for you 🙂 It’s a short list, but it’s full of things that I‘d do 😀 😀 😀

Enjoy the list of 5 Things to Do For a Veteran! ❤ ~

  1. Attend a Veterans’ Day Event! Even if you don’t personally know veteran, you can still support, honor, and respect them and their service to the country by attending a Veterans’ Day Event near you! There are parades, ceremonies, festivals and so much more! Just search for one near you and honor the veterans in your area by doing so 🙂
  2. Take a Veteran you know out to dinner! If there’s someone in your life who’s served the country in the military, then treat them to a special evening! While you can go to their favorite gourmet restaurant, there are lots of restaurants that are free today for veterans!
  3. Visit a National Park! For all of Veterans’ Day weekend (Nov. 11 – 12), all National Parks are free! You can go with your family and friends, or take a veteran you know out for a nice hike. Although it is cold outside, hiking in the cold can still be so much fun!
  4. Write on your Blog! You can choose to write about Things to Do on Veterans’ Day or a special post that says Thank You to All the Veterans. Your choice! Pick a topic about Veterans’ Day and write about it, saying how much you’re grateful to them for serving the country.
  5. Write a nice note! Anyone would be glad to get a thoughtful note, and on this special day, Veterans especially! Tell them how much you appreciate what they’ve done and believe me, they will be very, very touched. ❤

So that’s 5 things to do for a Veteran! There are soooooo many other things you can do, but those are the 5 things that I would do 🙂

Alrighty! I’m off to go honor my daddy – an Army Veteran that I appreciate so very much!

Till next time ~

Lydia ❤


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