Christmas Gift Ideas for…Mom!

It’s that time of year to start gift shopping!! I have here for you a list of Christmas Gift Ideas for your Mommy, who does all sorts of stuff for you that you can’t even imagine doing. So, before we get started, a huge shout out to all the mommies in the world!

10 Gift Ideas for Mom!

  1. Jewelry – Find out her favorite jewelry company and buy something you think she’d wear often 
  2. Spa Kit – If I were a mother, I think I’d be pretty darn tired at the end of the day, so what’s better than treating yourself to a spa treatment – in the comfort of your own home!
  3. Journal – Pair it with a couple of nice pens and gift it! Even better, you can customize the front 🙂
  4. Clothes – What’s her favorite clothing store? Buy a shirt or a coat or anything that you think would be well worn by her.
  5. Shoes – Something practical and comfortable – from slippers to heels!
  6. Candy – What’s better than settling down with your favorite candy, maybe watching a movie? Pack a jar or basket of her favorite treats!
  7. Canvas – Paint something on a canvas – her favorite Bible verse? a pretty landscape? Even if you have no artistic ability (like me 😛 ) you can find a way to decorate it beautifully!
  8. Mug – Also decorate it yourself! There’s nothing a mother appreciates more than something you spent time and effort on! ❤ You can even fill the mug with something like tea, candy, or maybe even coffee!
  9. Purse/Wallet – A mommy always carries around a purse, whether it’s a diaper bag or small, simple bag. Buy her a new wallet or purse to add to her collection (if she has one 🙂 )
  10. A Gift Basket! – Gather up a bunch of things and put them all into a little basket or box and then give it to her! You can stuff it with candy, a blanket, a pair of slippers, a bathrobe, candles, anything, anything, anything. No matter what you put it, it’ll be super special 🙂 ❤

Those are your 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom! Also, if you hear your mom say that she’d like something, make a mental note about that and get her that thing! Sometimes, you can ask your mom what she’d like and if it’s a specific thing, like clothes, then you can ask her what shirt/pants/coat etc. she’d like and even though it’ll ruin the surprise effect, you’ll get her what she really wants and that’s what matters 😀

Anyway, hopefully you’ll find this list useful 🙂 I’ll be posting more of these gift ideas in the future, for daddies and sisters! Sorry, I won’t have one for brothers. I don’t have any brothers and would have no idea what to put on the list 😳

Hope you have a Saturday filled with love and laughter!

Till next time!

Lydia ❤




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