What’s in My Dance Bag?

Hallooooo everyone! I hope that your December is going well 🙂 I know that mine is going fabulously, I can’t wait for Christmas, as you can tell 😛

Today, I’ve decided to share with you a little peek inside my dance bag.

People write What’s in My Bag – Winter Edition, or posts like that, and I’ve been thinking about doing one of those in the future, but for now I think it’ll be fun to do a What’s in my Dance Bag post 🙂 😛

Anyway, without any further ado…

What’s in my dance bag?

First off, let me introduce you to my Vera Bradley Dance Bag. I’m not sure what exact bag it is but it’s like the Small Tote and Village Shoulder Bag, and in the Tutti Frutti pattern. I have a little pointe shoe keychain that I got for free with my first pair of the pointe shoes at the Cinnamon Tree!

Alrighty, now let’s move on to what’s inside:

  1. Canvas Ballet Shoes – I have 3 pairs. They have all grayed, and the oldest pair has turned almost black. They were all a very pretty pink at some point, I promise! 😛
  2. Bloch Heritage Pointe Shoes – My first pair of pointe shoes 😀 They’re inside a little pink mesh baggy along with my toe pads and spacers that makes them hurt less when you’re up on pointe 😀
  3. Theraband – A Theraband is a latex band with lots of resistance used for stretching. In between classes, I like to warm up using it.
  4. Tennis Ball – Tennis balls are used to massage the muscles and relax them so they won’t be as tight. From time to time I’ll take it out and use it.
  5. Hair Care – Hair pins are a very useful thing to have in your dance bag! Also, extra headbands, hair ties, hair spray, and a hair brush.
  6. First Aid Kit – Dancers get injured, so it’s good to keep bandages, antibiotic creams, tiger balm, nail clippers, and other helpful things for reassurance.
  7. Journal and Pens – As a dancer, you need to keep a journal for writing down corrections or analogies that you find useful, and also to remember choreography.
  8. Extra Tights – I like to keep an extra pair in there so just in case. But, I hardly ever need them, so sometimes I take them out.
  9. Mending Bag – I have a little baggy for scissors, clear nail polish (for sealing cut ribbons), floss (versus regular thread), needle, and other things to help when something happens to my pointe shoes, or anything.
  10. Water Bottle – Everyone needs to stay hydrated! I keep a water bottle in my bag at all times.
  11. Book! – In between classes, I like to read a good book to pass the time.

So that’s What’s In My Dance Bag! I hope you enjoyed this spontaneously random post (in the middle of the Christmas season…)

Also, just a little note – a blog/blogger I follow, Tabi, is hosting a Winter Blog Party over at https://busybeeblogweb.wordpress.com/ Go check it out if you have a blog! It’s a great way to earn followers and just altogether get to know the blogging community around you!

If you’re a dancer, what’s something that you absolutely must have in your dance bag that I don’t currently have in mine?

Just as random question to everyone – What’s your favorite style of dance?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment down below, but please keep all comments clean, respectful, and kind! That would be much appreciated 🙂

Till next time!

Lydia ❤


11 thoughts on “What’s in My Dance Bag?

      • Yeah, that’s totally understandable 🙂 I go to a less serious school in Northern VA, but lately I’ve been thinking about getting a little more serious. 😀 🙂


  1. Do you only do ballet, or other dances? I take tap, Irish, and jazz. I used to do ballet, but not anymore. I’ve been in dance for *counts on fingers and flips through old recital photos* I think almost 10 years now?

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    • I take mostly ballet but also lyrical at my studio, but I also participate in a worship dance ministrey. Woooow 🙂 Those sound like so much fun!! I wish I could do tap, but I can’t get my feet to do all those complicated steps! Woooow again! 😛 That’s a long time! You must be a dance expert! 😀

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