The Holiday Tag!!

Hiiiii guys!!! I cannot believe that it’s only a couple weeks till CHRISTMAAAAS! Especially excited because it looks like we’re going to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! It snowed all day today! 😀 😀 😀 First snow of the year! Wow that’s a lot of exclamation points 😛 Our Christmas tree is up, our decorations are out, and I can’t wait for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

Anyway, to celebrate this season, Lindsay over at Linds4Dance has created a Holiday Tag! Thanks so much for nominating me, Lindsay!!! ❤ Oh, and sorry it took a little while for me to write this 😳

So, without further ado, let’s dive headfirst into the holiday season!

holiday tag

~ Rules ~

  • Include the Holiday Tag Badge and the Rules in your post
  • Answer the 8 Questions
  • Don’t forget to tag at least 6 other bloggers! (Spread the joy 🙂 )

Now onto the…

 ~ 8 Questions ~

  1. What’s the best gift you’ve ever recieved? Hmm..that’s a really hard one. My family knows exactly the stuff I want, but maybe my Polaroid camera or my phone or my dance bag or my new leotard. Oh dear. That’s too many. I like alllll of my gifts! ❤
  2. What’s your favorite Christmas carol or song? I don’t have a favorite Christmas song, but I like listening to Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole (I love the oldish sounding songs 🙂 ), and Pentatonix!
  3. Do you have any favorite Christmas traditions? Putting up all the decorations and having special family time during Christmas week!
  4. Do you have any special Chritmas ornaments or decorations that have any special meaning? I have a Baby’s 1st Christmas ornament with my picture, in which I look very confused…and a clay Nativity scene that I made a couple years ago that we put up every year!
  5. What’s your favorite cozy outfit to hangout in when it’s cold outside? I don’t have a particular outfit, but I like to cozy into a sweatshirt, leggings, and fuzzy socks/slippers 🙂
  6. Does it snow where you live? Yesssss :DDDD Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little…but I’m very grateful for all the snow!
  7. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Charlie Brown Christmas all the way!
  8. If you could have any gift, what would it be and why? If I could get anything, and price didn’t matter, I would like a barre for my room, but even the cheapest ones are pricey, and I can live without 🙂 😀

I tag…







And…Tag! You’re it! Even if you weren’t nominated for this tag, feel free to join in the fun! 

Till next time ~

Lydia ❤


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