Christmas Gift Ideas for…Sisters!

Hola! Today is my second addition to the Christmas Gift Ideas mini “series.” This time it’s for sisters!

Let’s jump right in!!! And keep in mind that these are in no particular order!

  • Jewelry – Find a piece that she’ll wear often, or, often enough if you buy her a fancy one 🙂 Or get her one that has words on it, so even if she doesn’t wear it very often, it’ll still have a lot of meaning to her.
  • Journal and Pens – here’s another one from the Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom! Journals are a perfect gift, then pair them with a pack of pretty, maybe multicolored pens and you’re good to go!
  • Room/Home Decor – If you have an artsy sister that likes to decorate their room, consider getting (or even better, making) some room decoration for them!
  • Hair Supplies – Scrunchies, headbands, hair ties, hair brush, hair clips…
  • Nail Care – Get her a kit! A file, some polish, a clipper, a base and top coat – the whole mani set!
  • Art Supplies – If your sister loves art, art, and all things art, then get her some art supplies!! Maybe colored pencils, a coloring book, markers, an easel, paint, the list goes on and on!
  • Your Very Own Merchandise! – Make her something! Decorated a mug, a phone case, a canvas – Sisters love that stuff! Oh, and my amazing friend Ally over at Dreamers and Dancers has a wholeeeee list full of super duper good ideas! Check it out here
  • Throw Blanket – My sister is in love with throw blankets haha We got 4 during Black Friday sales 😛 😛 😛 I get one, she gets three….just kidding. A throw blanket is a perfect gift with cold weather! Pair it with some slippers of fuzzy socks and cha-ching! Ta-da! #matchmadeinheaven
  • Clothes – What girl doesn’t like getting new clothes?? Although, she may want to choose the clothes herself. That might ruin the surprise aspect, but you’ll get her what she really wants! (Maybe add sunglasses? a hat? a scarf?)
  • Make-Up – ColourPop, Elf, Maybelline – you don’t have to get the expensive stuff! Drugstore makeup is just as good! Again though, she may want to choose it herself.
  • Water Bottle – You can get her a tumbler, or an insulated water bottle – really anything! Support hydration lol 😀
  • Purse – A small sidebag will do, or a tote. It might be more on the pricier side depending on the company, but older teenage girls love getting purses!
  • Food – Candy, chocolate (is chocolate considered candy?), day out at a restaurant, cheese, anything, anything, anything, your sister likes! Food is a friend 🙂 😛
  • Books – If your sister isn’t a big reader, get her a puzzle book, or a book of inspirational quotes! I love getting books for Christmas! If you’re the older sibling, give your sister a book that you really enjoyed and recommend for her! Chances are, if you liked it, she will!

So there are 14 ideas (for the 14 days left till Christmas 😀 ) for gifts for your sister! Hope that you found these helpful! Hit the like button if you did 🙂 I’ll be hoping to come out with a Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad one, soon – before Christmas gets too close!

Also, please comment down below with ideas for future wintery blog posts! 

Till next time!

Lydia ❤



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