MOOP Contest Survey + ITWC Contest Open!

Hey guys! It’s Lydia here!

All of your MOOP Contest photos were so amazing and I loved seeing your creativity come out in them so much! Today I’ll be going over a few things, so stay tuned!

Now let’s get on with today’s post!

This week, I received 9 photos out of the 14 people who are signed up. They were:

  • Apoorva
  • Christina
  • Gracie
  • Jo
  • Liz
  • Laura (Lula Boo)
  • Laura (A Picture, A Song, A Literary Quote)
  • Mary
  • Saanika

I’m not going to be posting results or points yet. I’ll be posting the results for everybody soon.

I just want to say Thank you!!! to everybody who participated in this contest. Your pictures were all so amazing and I loved each of them and could definitely see your creativity shining through!

If you participated in the MOOP Contest, then please head over and take this survey so I can know how well my first contest went!

take survey.png

And now…thank you to everybody who responded to the Big Question! I have reached my decision!!


In Touch with Creativity Writing Contest!

Or ITWC Contest for short. I like acronyms, it makes typing it so much easier 😀 😛

I will be posting another post soon with all the ITWC Contest details, but here’s a short summary:

The ITWC Contest is a four week long short story writing contest that is using the MOOP Contest winning photos as writing prompts. You have the chance to win by getting in touch with your creativity and thinking outside the box.

For now, you will have one week to write your short story.

If you’re thinking of entering, and think that more time is needed to write a short story, then comment down below how much time you think is fair! (Whether it’s two weeks to a month!)

There will be a point system, like the MOOP Contest. More points are given by using the prompt in a way that is different from anybody else’s. I will be giving the most points on creativity and uniqueness.

Registration is now…OPEN! As soon as you read this, you can sign up for this contest. The only rules for signing up are:

  • You must be a Dancer for the King follower/subscriber
  • You must reblog this post if you have a blog
  • Tell me in the comments that you’re interested!

That’s it for today!! Don’t be afraid to sign up for the ITWC Contest and thank you to all those who participated in the MOOP Contest! I will be posting another post soon about further details for the ITWC Contest and the MOOP Contest Final Results!

If you have any questions, pop them down below! Don’t forget to take the survey if you were a part of the MOOP Contest! 😀 ❤

Till next time ~


dancer for the king ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ inside out


21 thoughts on “MOOP Contest Survey + ITWC Contest Open!

  1. I think I’ll have to drop the photography contest I keep forgetting to submit pictures :/ Idk about the writing contest but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it I’m gone a lot this month!

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Hey guys! (sorry for “posting” twice today but this is kinda urgent!) Please go check this wonderful contest which I unfortunately won’t be able to participate in. It won’t hurt to look around 😉 (don’t be lazy)

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