In Touch With Creativity Contest!

Hey there! It’s Lydia here!

If you read this post, you’ll know that I’ve decided to host a short story contest called the In Touch With Creativity Contest! Here are the details and need-to-knows about the contest!

~ How It Works ~

  • For now, this contest will go on for eight weeks, which means that you will submit four short stories and have two weeks to write each story.
  • The contest begins on June 18th!
  • I will give you the first picture on June 18th and you have two weeks to write up a short story – until July 2th, when I’ll post the second writing prompt on my blog! I may not have been clear for the MOOP Contest, but you have to submit your entry before the next post!
  • For now, sometime after August 13th, I will post the winner!

~ How To Enter ~

  • First, you have to be a Dancer for the King follower/subscriber!
  • Second, you have to reblog this post on your blog – if you have one 😀
  • Third, you have to answer these questions. They are not personal questions, they are simply questions on how I can make the contest better 🙂 (answer them after you finish reading the entire post)
  • And finally, tell me in the comments if you would like to participate!

~ Notes about Submission ~

  • If you post your entry on your blog, then either post your link in the comments section, or link back to my latest post in your post!
  • If you email me your entry, I’ll respond to your email as soon as I can to let you know I got it. If I don’t respond in 48 hours, then let me know you emailed me in the comments!
  • If you write your entry in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, then you can either link your entry in the comments or send it to me via email.
  • Get your entry to me before I post the next writing prompt!!
  • You have until before June 18th to sign up for the contest.

~ How Do You Win? ~

  • There will be a point system – the maximum amount of points you can get is 10 points.
  • 3 points for creativity
  • 3 points for using the writing prompt in a different way from everyone else
    • If 1 person used the prompt in the same way, you get 2 points
    • If 2-3 people used the prompt in the same way, you get 1 point
    • If 4 or more people used the prompt in the same way, you get 0 points
  • 2 points for the Hidden Challenges (explained below)
  • 1 point for correct grammar, spelling, usage, etc.
  • 1 point for on time submission (before the following Monday)

~ Hidden Challenges ~

Every week, there will be a hidden challenge, such as ‘Use the word elephant in your story.’ If you use the word elephant once, you get two points. If you use the word elephant five times, you still get two points. The point number stays the same regardless of how many times you use the Hidden Challenge.

~ Strict Writing Rules ~

  • No bad language – this includes cursing (in any language), taking the Lord’s name in vain, or inappropriate references
  • Nothing inappropriate – would grandma like to read your story? If the answer is no, then I probably wouldn’t like to read your story either.

~ About the Story ~

  • The topic of the short story varies based on how you interpret the writing prompt. Be as creative as you can!
  • The story can either be a complete story (with a beginning, climax, resolution, etc.) or
  • it can be a short part of a story, like a chapter, but if you choose this way, the short part has to make sense. If you decide to write this way, the rest of your submissions don’t have to be a continuation of the story.
  • As of now, the short story word limit is 1500 words. This boundary is not super strict, but I would prefer that to be the maximum.
  • You have free rein with the plot, characters, settings, etc. just as long as it’s appropriate 🙂

And…that’s it for the rules and need-to-knows! If I missed anything, just ask a question in the comments or shoot me an email or let me know in the survey. And speaking of which,

take questions

The first topic comes out on June 18th and you have two weeks to write the short story! Also, the MOOP Contest Final Results are coming out tomorrow – so be on the lookout for that!

Please sign up! Don’t by shy 😀

Questions? Feedback? Tell me down below! Like this post? Feel free to hit the “like” button to let me know and follow to receive notifications every time I post something like it!

Till next time ~



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21 thoughts on “In Touch With Creativity Contest!

  1. Oh no, I don’t think I’ll be able to join Lydia 😦 I’m so sorry but I just don’t think I’ll be able to commit. Have fun with the contest and I’ll still definitely reblog this for you!

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  2. Oh, hey Lydia! I juts realized that Camp NaNo is in July, so I don’t think I can make it.. sorry about that. But I do look forward to reading the stories of whoever won!- Jo

    Liked by 1 person

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