Tour of a…Dance Bag?

Hi guys! It’s Lydia here! As you probably have noticed, I am sooooo not sticking to my posting schedule! After HARPs is over, I will decide whether or not I would like to stick to it, but for the next six weeks or so, expect me not to!

And speaking of HARPs, Starling has given us the new topic – a tour!! Click here to see her post and click here to see my HARPs post from last week.

I have gotten requests for room/desk tours, but unfortunately I am an extremely messy girl at the moment whose life is in almost complete and total chaos!! So…I decided to give you not a room or desk tour, but a tour of my dance bag!!

I have done a similar post to this, and you can check that out here, but I wanted to show you guys a new and improved version of my dance bag – this one with pictures!

And also stay tuned for an announcement/big question at the end of this post!

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