Hey everyone!! So I was running out of blog post ideas, then I was just having fun exploring blogs and I found this post – the TMI Tag – on Bayance’s blog and I decided that I’d do it!! Check out her post here! But before we jump into today’s post I have an announcement!Read More »


Love for the Lacking

Good afternoon, readers! How’s your week going? So far, mine’s going great, and I’m counting down the days till Winter Break and Christmas. Everyone we know is looking forward to many days off!

Yup, the Christmas season is closing in, and we’re all excited to be putting up decorations, buying presents, getting presents, snuggling up in the warmth of our house maybe with hot cocoa and a good book, and I am, too! But, what about the people who are less fortunate? The people who are lacking certain, necessary things?Read More »