What? Makeup??

Hey guys! It’s Lydia here! So, as you can see from the title, this post will be all about makeup! So…I’m not a makeup girl. I usually don’t wear anything on my face when I go out, but I really like to play around with it! Hope you enjoy this post!

Now let’s get on with today’s post!

(Before we get started – this post is part of the HARPs contest!)

what makeup.PNG

Here are all the makeup products that I sometimes use. I organized them on my dresser!


On the right I have a mug with the eyeliners. Next to that I have the brushes, then a box of eyeshadows, powder, toner, lip products. etc. And then on the all the way left I have a little jar for tiny sample packets of facial cleansers and moisturizers!

  1. These are all the eyeliners I found – unused! Yay! I don’t wear eyeliner much, but it’s fun to play around with them!
  2. I have a Lancome fine tip black eyeliner that I really like. I’m still experimenting with the application, though.
  3. I found a black eyeliner pencil! It’s super easy to apply and the color is a smoky color.
  1. All the brushes I found in a cute little mug! They are all clean, thank goodness, and mostly unused!
  2. I have the big fluffy brush (is there a technical term for all this???) that can be used for contour or powders!
  3. Then I have a smaller brush that I’m not sure what it’s used for, but I think it applies eyeshadow really nicely.
  4. And finally I have a lip brush for lipstick, although I don’t ever really wear lipstick.

top view.jpg

This is the green bin of different makeup supplies and moisturizers I have! I keep all the lip products, foundations, beauty blenders, eyeshadows, and my eyelash curler in here as well.

  1. First I have contour! This is completely unused and I haven’t gotten to play around with it yet, but I will see how it is soon!
  2. Then I have my toner. Scroll down to see an awesome hack for it 🙂
  3. And then I have my eyelash curler from the Face Shop. I keep it in the box when I don’t use it so it can stand up hahaha!
  4. Then there is the Lancome eyeshadow palette I use from time to time. I use the pink and light beige colors.
  5. Then the Kill Cover foundation from Club Cleo, which is a Korean makeup store! I didn’t choose this one, of course, so it wasn’t supposed to match my skin tone perfectly, but I think it’s nice enough. I don’t wear foundation as much because I don’t really need it, but I still have it just in case!
  6. And then a lip tint from Etude House, another Korean makeup store. This color is super duper red and bright, but I find that if you just put on a couple little dots, you can calm down the color and it looks very nice!

Just a few Makeup Hacks!

  1. Whenever I apply my toner, it seems to either drip off of my face or just get absorbed into my hands! Well…I found this hack where you can put your toner in to a little spritz bottle and then spritz it on!! It works really nicely ❤ ❤
  2. When you put sunscreen on your face (because we all need that extra sun protection! 😛 ) and it looks really greasy and oily on your skin, you can apply powder or foundation through a square of toilet paper and it gets rid of that greasy look!
  3. I’m not sure if you already knew this, but if your lipstick tends to come off after a bit, let it dry for a couple seconds, press a tissue on it, then dust some powder over it and it’ll stay a lot longer!
  4. This isn’t really a makeup hack, but I thought I’d include it anyway! If you don’t want to spray perfume directly onto your hair (otherwise it might be overpowering!!) then you can just spray some onto your hairbrush and brush your hair with it and it has the same effect, but just not as strong! 😀 

So there we have it! Some unused makeup products that I picked up from around the house and a few makeup/beauty hacks! Hope you enjoyed reading!!

And also, if you want to see some makeup applications and other kinds of makeup, you can head over to Gracie’s blog – Through the Eyes of Gracie! I’ll link her two makeup posts here and here

Till next time ~


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16 thoughts on “What? Makeup??

  1. Awesome post, Lydia! I definitely think experimenting with makeup is fun. (Oh, and that fluffy brush is called a ‘blush brush’! 😉 ) The last makeup I wore actually made my skin irritated (my eczema is relentless haha), so I haven’t worn any in a while :/ I miss it! I’ll have to find some better brands soon…

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