A Dr. Seuss Halloween!

Hey guys! How is November going for you so far? It hasn’t been a week yet, but I can already tell that this month is going to be great!

Anyway, Halloween just passed (a weekish ago), so I decided today it would be fun to tell you guys what my Halloween consisted of (thankfully nothing scary 🙂 )

Enjoy ~

So I dressed up as Thing 1, and of course then, there has to be a Thing 2 and the Cat in the Hat! I went with my two awesome friends to go trick-or-treating in a Dr. Seuss themed costume that we DIYed!

Thing Costume:

We bought two red shirts, sparkly red and blue tulle, elastic, and felt from Michaels (I LOVE MICHAELS!) and got crafting! We started with the tutu…it was supposed to look like a very full red and blue tutu:


Let’s just say that it did not look anything like that. I didn’t buy enough tulle so our tutus (sadly I don’t have a picture) turned out to be a tutu (I say tutu for lack of a better word) with lots of white elastic showing through, and too little tulle hanging down from elastic. (Okay, maybe I lied up there, that tutu was pretty scary – but the only scary thing that happened on Halloween 😛 )

So after having a lot of laughs over our tutu, we turned to our shirts. We cut out large circles from our felt and wrote Thing 1 (or 2) on it. Then we hot glued it to our shirts and were done!

We wore our Thing Shirt, long leggings, our scanty tutu, and little shorts underneath because it was pretty cold.

Since I’m pretty proud of the Cat in the Hat costume, I’ll tell you all about it 😀 My friend purchased long black pants and a long-sleeved black shirt. I cut out an oval/egg shape from the felt and hot glued it on. Then I made a red bow out of paper and hot glued that on as well. Thing 2 colored the tip of her nose black and drew whiskers on her cheeks with eyeliner.

We took one of the Cat in the Hat’s old hats – a hat with a Boater hat sort of design – and glued white and red cardstock on, almost like this –

cat hat

The Cat in the Hat donned her hat, we the Things donned our scanty tutus and off we went from house to house!

Now about the actual trick-or-treating part. So, since we were all Dr. Seuss themed, we thought it would be pretty clever to say a rhyme instead of just plain old “Trick-or-Treat!” That…failed. It was some silly thing like –

Thing One, Thing Two
And the Cat in the Hat, too
We hear your candy’s hard to beat
So let us just say Trick-or-Treat!

We ended up doing that for only a couple houses then gave up. Eh, no loss there for me 😛

Here’s a fun story 🙂 ~

We were finishing up trick-or-treating and knocked at this door and oh-my-goodness a lady answered the door and she was wearing a Thing costume! She had on a tutu (a much better tutu than ours) and a Thing shirt, only her shirt said, “The Boss of All Things”

It was a fun way to end the night 😀 😀 😀

So there’s my Halloween story. Lucky for me, nothing scary happened – except our tutus. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to DIY our costumes and make costumes that match again. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of our real costumes! 😦

Now my only problem is trying not to eat all the candy…

Till Next Time ~

Lydia ❤


3 thoughts on “A Dr. Seuss Halloween!

  1. What a fun Halloween! Sounds like great costumes 🙂 Haha I love that story at the end! One year, my brother and I dressed up as pirates, and the last house we trick-or-treated at, the guy handing out candy was a pirate, too! It’s always fun to run into someone wearing a costume like yours on Halloween (:

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