Famous Friday – A Dancer’s Equipment

Happy Friday, everyone! Today is Famous Friday!! It’s also the end of the week before Spring Break for me! I’m so excited for break!!

And without further ado…

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Today and tomorrow’s posts is going to be focused on dance! Because, well, I love to dance and I do it 24/7 and maybe it’s my life and stuff but you know…

Yup – it’s Famous Friday once again! Today I’ll be reviewing different types of dancer’s equipment!


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A theraband, or resistance band, is made out of latex. Each theraband has a different level of resistance. The weakest one is yellow and the toughest one is black.

I have the yellow, blue, and black one – as shown in this link

Therabands are great for flexibility stretching and foot strengthening. There are many exercises out there that are super helpful. They’ve helped me with strengthening my ankles and also with pointe work. If you have ankles that are on the weaker side, I would highly recommend purchasing a Theraband and finding some exercises online to strengthen your ankles!


  • It’s nice and stretchy, but also provides a good resistance
  • You can use it for so many different exercises!
  • It’s easy to fold up and carry around in your dance bag
  • It comes with different levels of resistance (so you can switch them around until you feel comfortable)
  • The material it’s made out of allows it to “stick” to surfaces well and not slide around


  • The yellow one (the weakest one) is easily breakable. I recently accidentally tore my in half while I was stretching with it! The blue and black one are tougher and that hasn’t happened to me yet.

See the source image

Muscle rollers are super helpful for when you have sore or tight muscles. You can easily just roll them over the sore area for a while and then afterward you feel so much better!

There are many different types and brands, and I have this one. It’s really useful for me to have.


  • They roll out your muscles really well and work better than hand-massaging
  • Depending on your preference, there are many types out there for you


  • Since they can be longer and bigger, it’s hard to fit them in your dance bag if you don’t have a big bag

See the source image

Tennis balls are really useful to have in your dance bag! One of my dance teachers keeps a little sack of almost 10 of them in her purse!

These are super great for cramps – especially in the feet! When you work your feet really hard, you get cramps and sores, and tennis balls work really well for rolling them out. You can just put it underneath the tight area and roll it around.


  • They’re small enough to fit a couple of them in your dance bag
  • They are very easy to find around the house, and if not, easy to buy!
  • They work as well as muscle rollers for rolling out tight spots!


  • They can feel a little rough underneath your bare feet, and the little hairs on it can rub a little bit against you

There’s my review on Therabands, Muscle Rollers, and Tennis Balls! I hope this was helpful to you in some way 🙂

Thanks for reading and check back in on Dancer4theKing for another dance-related post tomorrow!

Till next time ~

Lydia ❤


6 thoughts on “Famous Friday – A Dancer’s Equipment

  1. Thanks for sharing this!! I get awful cramps in my feet sometimes after we’ve done ballet at my dance class so I think I’m going to keep a tennis ball in my bag from now on 😊 I would also like to try out a theraband they look really good xx

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